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Lil Nas X: Artist Spotlight | Black History Edition

Lil Nas X propelled into super stardom last year with his smash hit "Old Town Road." The song broke ground in the country music genre and conquered the Billboard Hot 100 for 17 consecutive weeks.

Old Town Road's success became somewhat controversial in the country music scene. Billboard removed it from Hot Country listing for not having "country elements" and some DJs refused to play it in Nashville. Regardless, Billy Ray Cyrus soon collaborated with Lil Nas X and their remix made the song even bigger.

Lil Nas X's cultural impact increased whenever he became the first openly gay black man to win a CMA Award. He proceeded to win 11 more awards throughout the year and was nominated for 6 Grammys.  In January, Lil Nas X added two Grammys for Best Pop Duo and Best Music Video to his acclaim.

Within one year, Lil Nas X made history with the phenomena Old Town Road. He continued to excel with the release of his album "7" and his other single Panini.

After a strong start, it's exciting to see what Lil Nas X's next creative project will be.

Written by: Cass Tooke

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