• Stunning Empires, LLC

Life Is Magical WorkSession: Houston, Texas

A Higher-Self work experience through leadership, business and personal success:

90 Day Challenge | The quickest, realistic way to accomplish goals and change your lifestyle in a quantum way. Here's how it works: Participants will create a "challenge" list that includes both personal and business goals, big or small! We will implement custom tools to manifest goals within 90 days in real time.

Goal & Leadership Segment| Loosely based on the tools from the book, "The One Minute Manager"--this segment will elevate your career to excel as leading executives and entrepreneurs.

Establish + Build Business Credit | Step by step resources to establish business credit without using your personal social security number. Learn to fund the business of your dreams.

Branding + Marketing + PR | We all have a brand. Learn the basics and secrets of some of your favorite multi-million dollar brands. More importantly, how to define your brand power for maximum potential. #LifeIsMagical

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March 22, 2020 3pm