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Harry Styles: Artist Spotlight

When One Direction broke up in 2015, fans debated against each member’s fate. Two years after the break up, Harry Styles managed to introduce his solo artistry in a fresh but classic way. Styles’ self-titled first album gave listeners an album similar to Paul McCartney’s music post-Beatles and after a very successful solo introduction, it left fans wanting more. 

In early October 2019, Styles began strategically hinting at new music with vague billboards surrounding Los Angeles with his slogan “Treat People with Kindness.” Shortly, after Styles released the first single “Lights Up” from his upcoming album “Fine Line.” Lights Up gave us a look into the psychedelic journey Styles was on and gave insight on how different the album was going to be compared to his first. Fine Line was released on December 13 and the album gave us a more personal look into Styles’ mind. Songs like Cherry, Falling, and Fine Line showed us Styles’ vulnerability in relationships with pop and classic rock elements. 

Styles continues to show off vibrant androgyny with his new album. From the Lights Up and Adore video to his SNL appearance back in November, Styles executes his new vision with colorful and elegant fashion (all designed by Gucci). These aesthetics make Styles stand out more than any other male pop musicians in the industry. 

After another successful album, Styles’ innovation leaves fans eager for his next project and continue to listen to his two albums on repeat. 


Written By: Cass Tooke

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